Jeep Gladiator 2021

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Let me be real with you: It takes a lot for us to get excited. In the Holiday Season, we're bustling around hard at work to make sure your custom wheels get to you on time. We're making our list, checking it twice, and it's hard to get our attention. 


Then, we found out that one of the new 2021 cars was a Jeep truck. You read correctly: Jeep truck. When the Gladiator dropped in 2020, we weren't sure it would last. Jeep announced their 2021 line-up, it included the Gladiator for the second year in a row. This year, they're offering the truck with a diesel engine.


For the record, we are excited. Before 2020, Jeep hadn't put out a truck since the old Comanche that got the ax in 1992. The age gap between Jeeps is old enough to drink and get a discount on car insurance, though, not at the same time. So, here at The Wheel and Tire Store, we thought it was high time to shine a light on the newest member of the Jeep line-up and tell you why we're excited!


Jeep used the award-winning Wrangler as a jumping-off point for their new Gladiator, and it shows. The front half of the vehicle is identical to the Jeep we know and love. The Wrangler is a staple of photographs around here because it's a striking vehicle. We do not doubt that the Gladiator will be every inch as photogenic. The Gladiator is a truck, unlike its predecessor, and as such, it boasts a 1,600 pound of payload capacity. Fill 'er up!


Jeep offers the Gladiator in three levels of luxury: Sport, Rubicon, and Overland. 'Sahara' was the top trim level on the Wrangler. Overland is the top trim option for the Gladiator.


Even with an impeccable drive capacity, Pentastar systems give it 285 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque, changing the Jeep mold could prove difficult. We want to put a set of brutal Asanti Offroad wheels on it. What would you do with one of these trucks? Will it make it to 2030?

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