Top 6 Full-sized Pick-ups of 2019 – RANKED

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In the market for a new truck and asking yourself which brand is best? Ford? Chevy? Dodge? Toyota? Well, we’re here to clear some things up. When it comes to this year according to sources like US News there’s some clear winners. Here’s the Top 6 and why:

6. Toyota Tundra

With an overall score of 7.3, this truck comes in at number 6. While the Tundra is belongs to one of the most reliable car companies and doesn’t fail to deliver in that category, it’s lacking in overall power and hauling capacity. Its other notable characteristics were an 8.4 ranking in the safety category.

5. Nissan Titan

This truck has a surprisingly smooth ride and handles great. It made our top 6, but it’s ranking at 5 because it’s reliability holds it back. Safety comes in at 9.3 though, which helped to edge out the Tundra

4. GMC Sierra

This truck outperformed the Titan and the Tundra in power and hauling capability. I rides smooth and has a spacious yet appealing interior design. Personally, I also think it looks meaner than the Titan. Definitely a great choice for a new truck to go with your epic set of wheels.

3. Ford F-150

Though it is definitely arguable that it deserves a higher ranking, this truck comes in at a solid number 3 with its class leading towing and hauling capabilities. The F-150 also delivers with its overall power and spacious interior, smooth ride, and appealing infotainment system. The 2019 model saw improvements on an ecoboost v6 engine and the Raptor got all new shocks and Trail Control system. This truck will impress your buddies AND your date.

2. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

This truck is available with one of the most powerful V8 engines to date. It’s spacious and luxurious cabin will make you feel like a king floating above traffic. Its smooth ride will make it difficult to tell if you’re off-roading or on a well-paved driveway. 2019 completely redesigned this truck and if you choose this one you’ll be the cool kid with the new toys that everyone wants.

1.Dodge Ram 1500


The new redesign has made this sexy truck even sexier. With 390 horses its power and hauling capacity makes this beauty more of a BEAST. The design commands attention and respect and is hands down the winner in this contest. A fresh pair of shoes for this bad boy is a must as it is way too good looking not to give it some wheels that do it justice.


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