Wheel Cleaning for Custom Rims

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Fall has arrived, and North America is finally cooling off. As waves of cold air come in, changing our season toward winter, it brings with it a lot of rain. Washing your car is an essential part of being a car owner, and caring for custom rims can be daunting.

So how do you clean your wheels? The wheel finish should determine how you clean it. Custom rims come in a variety of finishes: chrome, machined, painted, and many others. Here at The Wheel and Tire Store, we offer a multitude of wheels.

For chrome wheels: Clean chrome wheels with mild soap and water. If the finish isn't perfect, car wax or instant detailer can do the trick.

Machined and clear-coated wheels: mild soap and water treatment is what you need. If the grime is intense, use a heavy metal cleaner as well.

Painted steel wheels: mild soap and water, with optional heavy metal cleaner.

Polished alloy wheels: mild soap and water, as well as a heavy metal polisher several times a year to maintain sheen.

If you're planning to use your custom rims all through the winter, you've got to keep them clean! Salt and sand from road treatments will chew through the finish on your wheels. Treat yourself and your ride with a trip through the car wash: your wheels will thank you.

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