Are You Going Bald? -- When to Replace Tires

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When is it time to change your tires?

Are you worried that your tires don't have the grip they used to? Worried about having a flat or a blow out? There's an easy way to check and see if your tires are going bald. 

It's called the Penny Test. 

The Penny Test is a well known hack that's been around since our parents' parents were young, nearly as long as tires have had distinguishable tread, and it keeps us from driving on dangerously thin tires. 

How to perform The Penny Test

To perform the Penny Test, take a penny so that Lincoln's head faces down and place it inside of the tread of your tire. The picture for this blog post is a helpful example of how to do it. If Lincoln's head is still covered by tread, then you're good. You've still got room to drive!

If Lincoln's head is NOT covered, you have a problem. Those tires are dangerously thin and you need to get them to a shop and changed as soon as possible. Thin tires are subject to blowouts and they can cause serious damage to your car and possibly get you hurt! 

Take your car to a specialist if you're unsure, or send us an email here at The Wheel And Tire Store:

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