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Dear Wheel and Tire Store,

I want huge rims on my truck, but they won't fit under my fender. What can I do and what are the risks associated with this?


Hypothetical Customer


We're glad you asked. Trucks and SUVs are the most obvious choice for a gnarly wheel, but to fit one under them, they often need modification. We're a wheel and tire store, The Wheel and Tire Store, and advising you on the best lift kit for your car or truck is outside our wheelhouse.


Lifting a vehicle is a step done when the wheels that you want will not fit under the standard height for your vehicle. Your best lift will be as little as possible to accommodate your new wheels. As you lift your truck, you raise its center of gravity. If you're lifting your truck to go offroading, that higher center of gravity can raise your chance of rolling the vehicle. Only lift your truck as much as you need to fit your wheels comfortably. 

Once you have lifted your truck, then we can help you decide on the perfect offset and fitment for the new clearance. How much space is available for the new tire? Once you have your truck lifted, put some weight on it. You could have your friends pile in, or throw the old tires in the back, or both. Now you'll know how big of a tire you can buy. Can't fit the ones you want? Just raise the truck further or trim the fender. Simple as that. 

When you're looking at wheels that stick out from the sides of your truck, that's your offset. If you have a wider offset, you will be putting more stress on your wheel bearings. As long as you are aware, you can keep your truck in good health even with wide wheels.  

It is vitally important to your safety that you don't raise your vehicle without putting on the larger wheels! Not only does it look stupid with a capital S, but it also raises your chances for a death wobble. A death wobble is where the truck begins to shake violently. It's easy to lose control of the vehicle. If you have never experienced a death wobble, that's good. You don't want to.

Once you have the new wheels on your truck, pile your buddies back in to check for clearance around the wheel. Slowly turn it all the way around and make sure there is no rubbing on the tire. That can mess up your fender and ruin your wheel. 

Go get an alignment. Any time that you change the wheels, tires, or suspension, you need to go get an alignment from a trained professional. A lift kit and custom wheels are too expensive to risk being ruined by poor alignment on the vehicle. 

If you have any other questions about wheels, tires, offsets or what could feasibly fit on your truck post-lift-kit, contact us at:

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