Off-Roading for Beginners!

offroading safety

Have you finally decided to take on the great outdoors in that new Jeep or truck of yours? We know you’re excited to buy those new tires that’ll help conquer those trails you’ve been eyeing, but before you do here’s some need to know basics on off roading to keep you and your ride safe.

First things first… Be Prepared!

As excited as you are to get out there is not only more fun but it is much safer to NEVER go alone. If you’re new to the trails it’s easy to get lost so it’s nice to have some back up with you. Accidentally get stuck? This is where your fellow off-roader can help you out. Since you’re new to the road it’s a good idea to look into some Forums in your local area. Forums are good for finding other local drivers, legal trails to drive on, help with modifications, and just over all anything Off Roading. 

Here’s a list of some equipment you’ll want to bring along:

  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Winch
  • Tow Strap
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Jack & Tool Kit
  • Spare Tire
  • Radios
  • Shovel

Get to know your vehicle…

Start slow, enjoy the view but pay attention to where your driving. The last thing you want to do is damage your vehicle over something that could have easily been prevented. Get to know how your ride take all the different bumps, turns, and slopes. 

It may sound odd but air out your tires..

This is a common trick drivers use when off-roading; Why? It allows the tires to better grip the trails.  When tires are aired down it enhances the traction, allows for a smoother ride, and can prevent sharp corners from stabbing the tire. There is no set amount of how much pressure to release but 10 – 15 PSI is a good starting point. When you’re ready to leave the trails this is where your air compressor comes in handy, you’ll want to air those tires back up before hitting the streets.

4×4 Low vs 4×4 High…

When you’re trying to crawl over that steep slope or going at a slower speed <15 mph it’s best to go with 4 low. When it comes to more slippery terrain like snow, mud, rain, or dirt 4 high is where you want to be. 4 low is needed in a more torquey slow setting while 4 high is needed when you’re traveling at a faster speed and need more traction. 

Now the fun part…

Buying the right tires! Mud Terrain tires are best for off-roading conditions and provide good traction but you’ll want to keep these strictly on the trails as they can get loud and uncomfortable on the roads. All terrain tires are another great options as they can handle anything from road to mud to rock! With some new off-road tires your ride wont only look tough it’ll be tough!

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